Actieve vga splitter 2 poort

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2 vga monitoren aansluiten op 1 pc of dvr recorder met vga uitgang


Actieve vga splitter 2 poort

2 vga monitoren aansluiten op 1 pc of dvr recorder met vga uitgang .

Maximale kabellengte van de vga kabel is 65 meter

Power saving mode als de computer is uitgeschakeld

Ondersteund VGA, SVGA, XGA en

Multisync monitoren

Ultra hoge 250MHz 200 MHz bandbreedte

Versterkt het video signaal voor afstanden tot 65 meter

Daisy chainable

Metalen behuizing

Ideaal voor het aansluiten van confrontatie-monitoren

Product Description: 
Economy 2 Port VGA Splitter and Booster - Split a VGA signal and boost it up to 65 M
The Video Splitter takes the computer's video signal and displays it on 2 analog monitors. 
The same image is displayed in all monitors. 
The Splitter provide fast, flexible, solutions for Test Bench Facilities, Data Centers, or video broadcasting such as Remote Monitoring, 
Presentations, Educational Facilities, Stock Quotes, etc.
Supports ULTRA HIGH 250 MHz video (-3dB) bandwidth. (only Video Splitter with 250MHz) 
Enhances video signals for distance up to 65M 
The video splitter can be daisy chain 
All metal casing 
Small form factor 
Supports 1600X1200 at 75Hz(only Video Splitter with 250MHz) 
Ideal for video broadcasting: remote monitoring, presentations, educational facilities. 
The video splitter has locking connector for cables. 
Allows one computer to provide simultaneous displays on 2 different monitors
Type Video Splitter with 250MHz
Cable Distance (Device to Monitor): 65m max. 
Signal Type: VGA. SVGA, XGA, Multi sync 
Video Input Connectors :1XHDB-15 Male 
Operating Temperature: 0-40 degrees (Celsius) 
Storage Temperature: -5-70 degrees (Celsius) 
Humidity: 0-80%RH, Non-condensing 
Housing: Metal 
DC 9V Power 
Consumption (MAX.): 0.85W 
Max. Resolution :2048X1536 @ 60 Hz 
Bandwidth (-3db): 250MHz 
Video Output Connectors (HDB-15 Female): 2 


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